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Building a high-quality, functional website once required a commitment of countless hours of coding and deep knowledge of design theory. It was, therefore, an endeavor reserved for the highly skilled or those with pockets deep enough to call on a professional.Best Website Builders

Despite the barriers to creating a website, more and more individuals and businesses saw the need for their own place in cyberspace. This high demand led to a solution that satisfied even the most discerning of users: website builders.

Website builders make it easy for all users – experienced and inexperienced alike – to create beautiful websites that have rich functionality that is on par with the highest-end websites on the internet. The secret lies in straightforward, intuitive, and easy-to-learn software platforms that walk users through every step of the process.

Below is a spoiler of the top ones. Read further for a more comprehensive list.

Wix (Free) $7.19/mo 544ms 99.99% BEST ★★★★★
Weebly $4.19/mo 701ms 99.98% GOOD ★★★★
Shopify $12.11/mo 400ms 99.96% GOOD ★★★★

An Introduction to Website Builders

A website builder is a tool that enables users to design, build, edit, and manage their own websites. The software is not limited to a specific niche and can be used on sites ranging from personal blogs to business sites and even eCommerce stores.

Where once building a site required programming skills, modern website builders function like a canvas where you can simply drag and drop the elements you desire directly onto your website. This means that there is no need to call in an expert because, in essence, you are the expert.

These solutions have leveled the playing field, enabling even the smallest sites to have a professional appearance. The best part is you won’t have to call your designer every time you want to revise your site. Once you finish building your website, you can go back any time and make revisions and additions.

Is it Right for You?

Website builders are an excellent solution for just about everyone. Not only are they extremely simple to use, catering to amateurs and seasoned users alike, they are also capable of producing sites that are good enough for massive companies. The same website creators that you will read about in this post have been used by the likes of Tesla, Google, and Nike to create websites that see millions of visitors every month.

Despite this, you may be considering hiring a professional to just get it done for you. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is important to know that outsourcing web design can cost thousands of dollars – even for the most basic of sites. It can also take weeks to complete. And that’s only for the initial setup!

Once your website is created you will probably want to make edits fairly frequently. If you are unfamiliar with the platform on which your designer sets up your site, you will be forced to not only shell out more money each time you want to change something, but you will also be forced to wait for them to make time for you in their schedule.

To us the choice is clear. A great website creator can have your brand new website up and running in a matter of minutes, allows for easily making changes, and costs nothing to set up.

How Do I Choose One?

Choosing a website maker is a personal decision that will be based on a number of factors, including what kind of site you want to build, the level of input you want to have, ease of use, and technical support. There are website builders for everyone, but the one that suits one person’s needs may not suit yours. Here are four things to consider when choosing:

  1. The first step to choosing a website creator tool is deciding what kind of site you want to build. While all builders claim that they can design any kind of website, some are better at eCommerce, for example, while others excel at creating blogs.
    If you want to build an online store, providers like BigCommerce and Shopify may suit your needs. If you’re simply looking for a place to display your art online, you can’t go wrong with Wix.
  2. Most builders require minimal input from users. This is because each website is built on a foundation that already contains the underlying components necessary for your own site to function. Others require less input than others, however.
    Take Wix, for example. In addition to their standard creation tool, they recently launched a new builder that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the best site for your needs. If you decide to go that route, you will be required to answer a few questions and input some information. The AI will take things from there, processing your information and leaving you with a brand new website.
  3. All these web-based makers are designed to be easy to use. Many use interfaces that are similar to those we use every day on our smartphones, namely drag-and-drop user interfaces.
    The drag-and-drop functionality enables users to literally drag elements from a menu and drop them anywhere on a web page. This means that if you want a photo to be visible front-and-center on your homepage, you can simply drag a photo box into position and upload whichever photo you want.
  4. If you ever need help with anything on your website it is good to know that there is someone who you can call or speak with at any time. Your choice may rely heavily on how good the customer service of a company is. The top ones have multiple help options, including online resource centers, live chat, forums, and phone support.

What are the Best Ones?

With all of this in mind, you may be wondering where to start. Listed below are just some of the many website builder options you have. They represent the best we’ve used and will open up a world of opportunity for you.

Wix Boldgrid Squarespace Weebly Websitebuilder Jimdo Doodlekit Webs Yola
Rating 5/5 4/5 4/5 3.5/5 3/5 3/5 2/5 2/5 1/10
Your own Domain
SEO Tools
Contact Form
Membership creator
Support 24h, mail, FAQ,forum 24/7 customer support FAQ, Live Chat Support and email support 24/7 email, Live chat, Knowledgebase Email Support Email, Live Chat, Forum, Knowledgebase Email Support Self-help, ticketing system and Live Chat Email Support
Powering 82 M N/A 1.9 M 30 M N/A 16 M N/A N/A N/A


wixWix is a popular drag-and-drop builder that is on the cutting edge of website building technology. Known for its ease of use, the service has transformed the way people think of website design by taking advantage of some of the latest technologies, including Wix ADI, a proprietary artificial intelligence platform that can build a site for you.

Wix offers users a free site on their domain and a competitive price point for hosting. They provide a large market of apps that can add dozens of features to your site, in addition to hundreds of website templates that are often referred to as the best on the market. It’s no wonder people often turn to Wix at the start of their website building journey.


Weebly serves as one of Wix’s primary competitors. Catering to individuals and businesses large and small, the company offers a website builder that includes everything you need to not only launch a site, but to manage it and ensure that you take advantage of all of the tools available at your disposal.

With built-in marketing tools, a mobile site editor that you can use on your smartphone or tablet, powerful eCommerce tools, beautifully designed website templates, and an award-winning customer service team, Weebly is another serious contender for your consideration.


shopifyIf you are looking to get into eCommerce, there may be no better option than Spotify. That is because the platform was built from the ground up to cater to every single business need you have. Aside from the ease with which the platform enables you to build a website that will turn heads, you will also have no trouble managing your inventory using their intuitive mission control page.

With everything you need in one place, you will be able to customize your online store, add new sales channels, fulfill orders, and track sales with a level of efficiency that simply can’t be matched by hired help. With reasonable monthly rates and an option of implementing the Shopify point of sale system in your bricks-and-mortar store, you may just find yourself joining the over 200,000 store owners who use the platform.